Planning permission granted for Build to Rent development in Edinburgh

EdinburghGrosvenor has been granted planning permission for its Build to Rent (B2R) scheme in Springside, Edinburgh. Volterra’s Ellie Evans authored an Economic Impact Report which outlined the social and economic benefits of the scheme and the benefits of B2R schemes in Edinburgh more generally. The scheme will provide up to 400 residential units; building these units specifically for rent allows for accelerated delivery of high quality residential units which increases the vibrancy of the local area and encourages further development. High quality B2R accommodation is a viable alternative to homeownership, which is becoming increasingly unaffordable in Edinburgh, and to traditional rental accommodation. Volterra Partner Ellie Evans states that “provision of such high quality accommodation is crucial to ensuring people and businesses continue to be attracted to locate in Edinburgh, and contribute to its large knowledge economy”.

Image: Fireworks over Edinburgh by Robbie Shade licensed under CC BY 2.0

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