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Calling Inquisitive Minds...
Are you energetic, motivated and interested in economic and social impact analysis? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

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There are currently no job vacancies at Volterra. Please do check back and follow us on LinkedIn as all of our positions are posted on these platforms. 

We Like Interested Minds...

We are interested in original approaches to business and policy issues, and we work for both the private and the public sectors. We are keen on innovation, and the flat structure of the company ensures that new starters work on interesting and challenging projects from the outset.

We are keen to hear from consultants from a variety of complimentary disciplines, and with a varying amount of experience, from intern to consultant. Feel free to get in touch by phone or send us your email using the form below. 

But what are we really like?

Hear what some of our employees think about working for us…

My placement at Volterra has given me the opportunity to grow and build essential professional skills in a very welcoming and friendly environment. One big advantage has been the structure of the company which has allowed me to interact with senior members and receive professional guidance and full support. I have also had the chance to work in a large variety of industries. I would recommend Volterra to any economics or mathematics student.
Silvia Mihailescu
Year in Industry Placement 2016/2017
During my year the entire team dedicated so much time and effort to ensure that I could learn as much as possible and make the most out of the experience. I had the opportunity to grow alongside a fun, outgoing, and hard-working team; and couldn't have possibly made a better choice to start a career in transport and development economics. Looking forward to continuing my relationship with Volterra and its team in the future.
Jesus Alvarez
Year in Industry Placement 2017/2018
The superb atmosphere really sets the company apart. People are friendly, colleagues regularly update each other about new techniques, developments in economics, and the ongoings at the firm. From analysts to the most senior level, all are included and take part. Senior colleagues are approachable, flexible, and truly make an effort to accommodate individual needs. The company invests in professional development: there are workshops for new entrants, attention is paid to giving exposure to a variety of projects and there is also space to acquire and test new skills. It has been a great experience working at Volterra, and I’m really glad for my time there.
Marton Szirmai
Consultant 2019/2021
Whilst a small company, Volterra is a specialist in its niche and offers employees the ability to perform a wide range of business functions, improving personal and professional development. The job was really built around my interests in my 3 great years at Volterra, allowing me to develop in multiple ways. The culture at any business is set right from the very top and trickles down, and from top to bottom Volterra is an amazing place to work with friendly and approachable employees, large degrees of responsibility and autonomy, and an environment which promotes continuous development.
Ross Bateman
Senior Consultant 2019/2022
There aren’t many companies out there that take the time and effort to cultivate a culture that truly prioritises the wellbeing and professional development of their employees. Volterra is undoubtedly one of them. I owe a lot of my personal and career growth to the support and trust that was consistently provided to me during my time at the firm. Being granted the responsibility to play an integral role in the delivery of some high-profile projects also gave me the confidence to sharpen my own skills and insights, which has served me well to the present day. Above all else, I will always be grateful for the genuine friendships that I formed over the years.
Ian Mwiti
Consultant 2019/2022
I joined Volterra as part of my placement year as a junior economic consultant. From the beginning, I was made to feel very welcome in the team and felt like I was making meaningful contributions to project work from the very start. The smaller company size allows you to develop great working relationships across the team and gain valuable experience from people much more experienced than yourself, this helped me develop and learn skills that I may not have otherwise had the chance to do so in bigger companies. Volterra also encouraged personal research to pursue your own interests. The culture is very friendly and sociable, which, in my opinion, is a credit to the team and the working dynamic.
Ollie Rooke
Year in industry Placement 2021/2022
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