The big challenge isn’t funding public services, it’s making them productive

There’s no shortage of special interest groups placing demands on the public purse. But with limited funds available, we must have an honest conversation about whose claims are the most valid. Waspi women are demanding a staggering £36bn in compensation for having been poorly informed about changes to their pension age. Meanwhile the National Foundation for […]

There’s a solution to dire public services: make our public sector more productive

Pre-election blows are being traded with increasing ferocity by both the main parties. Do the costs of Labour’s energy policies bear scrutiny? And can the Conservatives really afford to cut taxes? All of these questions relate back to the state of the public finances. Taxes are already at a post-war high relative to the size […]

Daunting task of improving public services is the real challenge for next government

Scotland has featured prominently in the media following Labour’s massive victory over the SNP in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election. The sheer incompetence of the Nationalist government in Edinburgh is sinking in with the Scottish electorate. Voters in England are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of public services they receive. But it is worse […]