Volterra make the economic case for a new garden suburb in Northumberland

logo (large)Volterra recently assisted property developer Lugano in assessing the economic case of a new housing development on green belt land at Birney Hill Farm in Northumberland. The plans are for a garden suburb type development of 280 houses set within farmland and allocating 17.9 hectares to on-site public space. The proposal was initially rejected by Northumberland County Council and our assessment was in preparation for a public inquiry that took place in January, when Volterra Senior advisor Bridget Rosewell was an expert witness. Bridget proposed that the scheme would be an “essential component” in the revival of the North East’s economy, as such an attractive housing development would draw people and businesses to the area who would in turn contribute towards the region’s economic competitiveness and success. The result of the inquiry will be announced later this year. News coverage of the enquiry can be found here, and you can read our economic report here.

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