Britannia Airport in the Press

12135_106_Elevated_Britannia-PANORAMA-5Bridget Rosewell and the TESTRAD Consortium recently presented their designs for a proposed hub airport in the Thames Estuary to the press. The plans detail the six-runway Britannia airport that would replace Heathrow. The estuary airport would avoid the need to demolish housing or remove green sites, and minimise the potential for noise pollution.  The plan also proposes the remodelling of  the Heathrow area into a new London Borough with 300,000 new houses and 200,000 more jobs. The proposed £47bn cost of the new airport could be recouped from the real estate value and the closure of Heathrow. Read the brochure detailing the plans here , and have a look at the reaction of the press to the proposed plans here.

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