strong case for Light Rail integration with HS2

Light RailVolterra partner Paul Buchanan was invited to give a presentation during this year’s 10th Annual UK Light Rail Conference in Nottingham, discussing the opportunities for light rail integration with high-speed rail. Norman Baker, former light rail minister; David Ralph, chief executive of D2N2; and Martha Grekos, partner and head of the planning and infrastructure team in London at Irwin Mitchell were also on the panel. Paul Buchanan’s views were that whilst LRT would be a good way of linking an out of town station to a centre it was still a poor substitute for a city centre station location in the first place. The main market for HSR is city centre to city centre, saving cost by putting stations in outlying areas only undermines the case for HSR.  You can read more about the debate and Paul’s view on the subject here.

Image: “UK London – Docklands Light Rail trains at Canary Wharf” by Lukemn licensed under CC BY 2.0

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