Bridget Rosewell announced as Commissioner for National Infrastructure Commission

Bridget RosewellVolterra partners Paul Ormerod, Paul Buchanan and Ellie Evans are delighted to announce Bridget Rosewell’s appointment as Commissioner on the independent National Infrastructure Commission. On Friday 30th October at the National Railway Museum in York George Osborne announced Bridget Rosewell as one of the seven highly experienced Commissioners to work with Lord Andrew Adonis.

The new National Infrastructure Commission has been set up by Chancellor George Osborne as an independent body to provide unbiased analysis of the UK’s long term infrastructure needs, with the goal of ensuring that the country invests more effectively and efficiently in infrastructure in the future. Volterra’s extensive work furthering the debate supporting transport and city infrastructure to enable change and growth ensures that Bridget will make an invaluable contribution in this post. The Volterra partners would like to congratulate Bridget on this exciting appointment and look forward to continuing to make the case for effective investment in infrastructure, across the country, to support a much needed growing and balanced economy.

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