Blackwall Yard – Planning permission for the development of a large-scale mixed use complex on the banks of the River Thames has been granted

Plans to deliver approximately 900 residential units at Blackwall Yard – an area located on the banks of the River Thames in Tower Hamlets – were recently approved by the local council.

The residential-led scheme will completely regenerate the area, opening up pedestrian links along the Thames. It will provide a new primary school and nursery, affordable housing, and incorporate the Graving Dock into the design, potentially as an open-air swimming pool.

Volterra supported Hadley Property Group’s successful planning application through assessments of socio-economic and health effects for the Environmental Statement.

Our work found that the scheme will contribute to the growing demand for housing and affordable housing in London, and support 125 direct jobs and over £14m in residential expenditure per year.

The school and open spaces are expected to result in important social and health benefits to the local community through providing access to education and areas for social interaction.

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