Bridget and the city

Many thanks to those of you that attended Bridget Rosewell>’s lecture and book launch last week at Centre for London. If you still haven’t got your copy of ‘Reinventing London’ you can buy one here.  Bridget’s connection with cities economics continues with her recent appointment to two expert panels that examine future possibilities for UK cities. […]

Paul speaks to the Polish Council


Volterra partner Paul Ormerod was recently invited to speak to the Polish Economic Council, the top decision making body on the economy in Poland.  He spoke about the importance of psychology and narratives in the economy.  For example, as quantitative easing is wound down, the same act can lead to quite different outcomes, depending upon […]

Nick in the press

Volterra associate Nick Bosanquet was recently featured in the Financial Times as one of the paper’s select group of policymakers, academics and commentators that take part in an annual survey in order to gauge views on some important questions for the economy for the coming year. Read Nick’s responses to their 2014 survey here. Nick also […]

Paul looks at how art holds a mirror up to a gloomy economy…

Paul has recently co-authored a study which examines how the frequency of words expressing misery and unhappiness in books reflects the economic conditions in the years prior to the work’s composition. The report, published in online journal PLoS ONE suggests a strong correlation! Paul has commented “The results suggest quite clearly that, contrary to post-modern […]

Farewell Facebook?

So farewell, then, Facebook! That is the conclusion of a highly technical paper by two Princeton researchers, John Cannarella and Joshua Spechler, which received a lot of publicity in the press last week. The authors conclude that “Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80 per cent of its peak user […]