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Volterra regularly work with retail banks, investment banks, building societies and insurance providers to advise across a range of business needs including strategy, forecasting, stress testing and risk assessment.

Our approaches combine statistical analysis, historical context and expert judgement to identify the most appropriate methodology for each requirement. We provide transparent and accountable analysis and supporting documentation. Our tools allow decision makers to input different parameters and in this way consider different outcomes, along with the likelihood of those outcomes.

We take an innovative approach to business modelling, based on an extensive experience in economic consulting. We also draw from diverse scientific backgrounds to bring the latest modelling techniques into practice.

We work closely with our clients to incorporate their expert knowledge of their business into our modelling, as well as to create the applications that they need in a format that they can easily use on a regular basis.

Assistance with Stress Tests:

Banks, building societies and insurers all face different challenges when trying to satisfy regulators’ requirements. Boards in the FS industry are also finding it increasingly challenging to identify the potential risks they could face and quantify the impact on their diverse businesses.

Volterra advise clients on the range of scenarios that they should use to stress test and reverse stress test their business. We also review and build models that link the scenarios to each client’s business.

We work closely with the regulators  to understand their expectations from different parts of the FS industry so we can guide our clients how to prioritise their efforts in the scenario and stress testing area. We have first hand experience of working at Board level and understand the pressures and requirements of Board members to have  adequate understanding of the risks facing their companies.

Capabilities Employed

Geographical Strategy 
Economic Analysis and Forecasting
Risk and Stress Testing

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