Geographical Strategy

Volterra advises multinationals and aspiring multinationals on their geographical strategy, combining business modelling with socio-economic projections to create a forward looking global business tool that helps identify the markets that an organisation will grow in. This powerful business tool systematically assesses a large number of variables, many of which may never have been considered, and identifies which are the ones to really focus on. It then uses socio-economic projections to look beyond the markets in which you already operate to identify other markets that would support these key drivers. Our analysis can isolate potential growth markets, from national to regional or even city level and can be used as a way to review the current business  strategy and to identify untapped opportunities.

London & Partners

Volterra has worked with London & Partners on an innovative study that looked at the drivers of return to investment and how those are compared across a number of global cities.

The study focused in particular on companies in life sciences, technology, creative industries, financial services and business services and looked to understand what factors differentiate London’s offering, including human capital and skills, through case studies of multinationals that invested in London and interviews with board level executives of large multinationals responsible for key FDI decisions.


Volterra were commissioned by the GLA to report on the skills that are currently required in London and those that will be required in the future. These were then compared to the education offering available in London by further education colleges, universities, and other private providers. As part of the project we spoke to key employers and a sample of education providers, carried out employment and skills forecasts for London, and provided the GLA with recommendations on how more Londoners, and in particular those from more disadvantaged backgrounds, could better access the London labour market. The findings were well received and were used as an impetus for a change in the capital’s educational offering.

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