We’re Hiring! We have a vacancy for an Office Manager

Volterra is a niche economic consultancy, specialising in economic impact and strategy. We are a small business (12 people), with an office in Putney. We are a successful growing business. Our clients return to us because of our professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to analyse problems innovatively and robustly. We are looking for an office manager to join our team. This position is absolutely critical to the smooth and effective running of Volterra.

This role is a very diverse one, and is fundamental to our team. The opportunity is potentially very flexible. We are open to the role adapting to suit the skills of the successful applicant. The position is likely a part time position and we are open to suggestions for preferred working hours. Fundamentally we are looking for the right person for this job, who needs to be approachable, adaptable, and conscientious.

The successful applicant will have the following skills:

  • Confidence in using Outlook, writing formal emails, liaising with clients
  • Using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, is essential and part of the day to day role
  • Professional behaviour and attitude
  • Approachable, adaptable and conscientious

There are a variety of formal tasks and responsibilities which would likely include:

  • Office management
    • Managing the day to day running of the office
    • Administration
    • Liaising with contractors/suppliers such as: landlord, security, cleaners
    • Ensuring the kitchen and office are fully stocked with appropriate supplies
    • Renewing contracts and finding most appropriate suppliers including: mobile contracts, utilities, etc.
  • Company documents and filing
    • Regular review of company policies (e.g. employment manual, health and safety)
    • Filing of personnel and company information (salary files, pension files, VAT files, leases, accounts)
  • Drafting and reviewing
    • Drafting job offer letters
    • Reviewing NDAs, contracts, agreements and letters of appointment

There are some additional tasks which could be included within the role, dependent upon the skills of the successful applicant.

For example, the current office manager also undertakes our day to day financials. This could be part of the role but could be outsourced. This would include: issuing invoices, bookkeeping, processing and paying supplier invoices, issuing sales invoices. Knowledge of and confidence using Quickbooks would be advantageous.

Our website is externally hosted. The role could be expanded to include marketing such as updating our website, posting blogs, producing visually appealing summaries for our reports or marketing material. Knowledge of InDesign or equivalent could, for example, be beneficial.

We invite applications from individuals looking for a diverse job within a friendly team. Salary will be competitive, dependent upon the experience of the successful candidate. The role could appeal to a young person starting out in their career, someone looking for a change of direction, or someone experienced looking for a new challenge. We are an inclusive employer and have no preconceptions about who will fill this role. If you think this could be the right job for you, please email us with your CV and a covering letter explaining your interest in the job.

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e: eevans@volterra.co.uk
t: +44 020 8878 6333

Ellie is a partner at Volterra, specialising in the economic impact of developments and proposals, and manages many of the company’s projects on economic impact, regeneration, transport and development.

With thirteen years experience at Volterra delivering high quality projects to clients across the public and private sector, Ellie has expertise in developing methods of estimating economic impact where complex issues exist with regards to deadweight, displacement and additionality.

Ellie has significant experience in estimating the economic impact across all types of property development including residential, leisure, office and mixed use schemes.

Project management of recent high profile schemes include the luxury hotel London Peninsula, Battersea Power Station and the Nova scheme at London Victoria. Ellie has also led studies across the country estimating the economic and regeneration impact of proposed transport investments, including studies on HS2 and Crossrail.

Ellie holds a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Cambridge.