National Needs Assessment: when is evidence good enough?

Bridget RosewellLeading Economist Bridget Rosewell says that judgement will still need to play a big part in assessing our infrastructure needs of the future in her article National Needs Assessment: when is evidence good enough? Published recently on the Infrastructure Intelligence website, you can read the article HERE.

Bridget Rosewell is a member of the National Infrastructure Commission, headed by Lord Adonis, and has been a long-time advocate of the need for infrastructure when planning for the future. This fascinating analysis explores whether we can or even should achieve evidence based policy and decisions.


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  1. An interesting article thanks, and vision (a major driver of so many projects) is often hard to articulate in a hard evidence-based way. The issue with HS2 is that the parameters have a habit of being changed, even now. That includes basics as to where the london terminus may be, and what stations will be served. Until the end-to-end journey times are known, and what fare premiums may apply versus the trains of today (‘the evidence’?), then it may be expected that the public will continue to question the overall purpose and viability of this particular project.

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