Volterra have researched and produced a large array of reports and publications across a diverse selection of sectors, from business viability to social policy effectiveness. A selection of recent publications that we are able to make available to the public are sampled below, follow the links to read the reports in full. Other publications from our fourteen year history can be found listed in our Publication Archive.


Light Rail Transit Review, Volterra Partners report on Light Rail experience for Auckland Transport (February 2015)

Transport and Development in the Growth Boroughs, Volterra Partners report for Growth Boroughs (April 2015)


Investing in City Regions – the case for long term investment in transport, Volterra for TfL and TFGM (November 2014)

Investing in city regions: How does London interact with the UK system of cities and what are the implications of this relationship?  Volterra with Enlightenment Economics  for the UK Government’s Foresight Future of Cities Project (October 2014)

Impact of the Night Tube on London’s Night Time Economy, Volterra for TfL and London First (September 2014)

Sustaining Universal Healthcare in the UK: Making Better Use of Information, Volterra for EMC (September 2014)

High Speed 2 – Station Location Analysis, Volterra for Sheffield City Council (January 2014)

Economic Impact of HS2 Infrastructure Maintenance Depot at Staveley, Volterra for Derbyshire County Council (January 2014)


Books Average Previous Decade of Economic Misery, Paul Ormerod contributory author (December 2013)

Maximising the Economic Benefits of the East Midlands HS2 Station at Toton, Volterra for Nottingham City Council and Partners (November 2013)

Northern Line Extension: Proof of Evidence – Economic and Business Case, Volterra

High Speed Rail, Transport Investment and Economic Impact, Volterra for HS2 Ltd. (September 2013)

An assessment of the case for a city centre high speed rail station in the Sheffield City Region, Volterra for Sheffield City Council (September 2013)

A Market Approach to Infrastructure, Nick Bosanquet for Reform (June 2013)

Rushden Lakes: Economic Report, Volterra for Planning Inquiry (May 2013)

The effectiveness gap in COPD: a mixed methods international comparative study Nick Bosanquet and Volterra Team (January 2013)


Providing the Right Skills for the Right Job: Future Workforce, Volterra for the GLA (October 2012)

Back to the Drawing Board with Macroeconomics, Paul Ormerod and Dirk Helbing, as published in What is the Use of Economics, ed. Diane Coyle (September 2012)

Complexity and Agent Based Models in the Policy Process, Paul Ormerod (September 2012)

Do the attributes of products matter for success in social network markets?, Paul Ormerod with Bassel Tarbush and R. Alexander Bentley (September 2012)

What are the Likely Economic and Societal Impacts of HS2?, Volterra, from the meeting of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee on Why Would HS2 be Good for Britain? (April 2012)

The Networked Economy, Paul Ormerod (February 2012)

The Folly of Wellbeing, Paul Ormerod, a chapter in …and the Pursuit of Happiness published by the IEA (January 2012)


Core Cities Report: Understanding the transport Infrastructure Requirements

A New Airport for London – Part Two (November 2011)

The Wider Economic Benefits of VNEB Regeneration ‐ Interim Report (October 2011)

Risk, regulation and behavioural modelling of water company performance (October 2011)

Risk Regulation and Behavioural Modelling (October 2011)

Westfield Report

British Council for Offices Report

Safety and Solvency: The Case for a new approach to patient safety (September 2011)

The Medical Arms Race: A New Global Perspective (January 2011)

Previous Years

2020 Welfare: Life, Work Locally (November 2010)

The Fiscal Landscape: Understanding Contributions and Benefits (November 2010)

The Importance of Social Networks in Explaining Childhood Obesity (2010)

N Squared: Public Policy and the Power of Networks (November 2010)

From ‘More and Better Capital’ to Structural Reform (March 2010)

Peering Through the Blizzard (January 2010)

Have Economists Gone Mad (June 2009)

Were People Imitating Others or Exercising Rational Choice in Online Searches for ‘Swine Flu’ (June 2009)

Patterns of Recession and Recovery (May 2009)

Innovation, Trade and Connectivity – Manchester Independent Economic Review (April 2009)

Treasury Select Committee – Bank of England Inflation Report (February 2009)

Economic Impact of High Speed One (January 2009)

Binge Drinking in the UK – A Social Network Phenomenon (July 2008)

Real World Happiness (April 2008)

Resilliance after Local Economic Shocks (April 2008)

Working Paper 30 – London’s Housing Submarkets (March 2008)

Modelling Transport and Economy in London (December 2007)

The Economic Benefits of Crossrail (October 2007)

Innovation, Diffusion and Agglomeration (June 2007)

Crossrail – Costs of Delay (February 2007)

Transport and Economy Model (February 2007)

Working Paper 17 – Why Distance Doesn’t Die (June 2006)

Reviewing Futureskills Scotland’s Forward Looking Approach (December 2005)

Industrial Structure and Economic Success at the Local Level (November 2005)

More Residents, More Jobs? (January 2005)

Emissions Trading – The Evolution of a Market for Pollution Permits (November 1999)

Taxes and Trading – The Best Way to Reach Environmental Emissions Targets (1999)

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our Publication Archive for a more comprehensive list of publications from the past fourteen years.

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