National Needs Assessment: when is evidence good enough?

Leading Economist Bridget Rosewell says that judgement will still need to play a big part in assessing our infrastructure needs of the future in her article National Needs Assessment: when is evidence good enough? Published recently on the Infrastructure Intelligence website, you can read the article HERE. Bridget Rosewell is a member of the National Infrastructure Commission, […]

Euro 2016: why the highest earning teams should go furthest

As excitement for the 2016 European Championships – which begin on Friday 10th June – reaches fever pitch, football supporters across the continent will be hoping that their nation can do them proud. The new format of the tournament means that more teams than ever will be taking part – including, for the first time, […]

The poor state of macro justifies scepticism with Brexit disaster forecasts

David Cameron has tried to frame the Brexit debate into one based on economics.  Standing with him is the overwhelming consensus of economists themselves, from academics to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  Their pronouncements are not having that much impact on the electorate if the polls are to be believed. There is justification for this […]