All we are saying: give capitalism a chance

Is there a secret Leninist cell operating at a high level in the European Commission’s headquarters in Brussels?  One which is dedicated to the overthrow of the capitalist structures of the European Union?  The evidence from this past week is certainly consistent with this hypothesis.  The demand for an additional £1.7 billion payment from the […]

Public sector pay and pensions are why the deficit stays high

Why can’t the UK government get its deficit down?   This question has been exercising commentators recently, in the light of the latest assessment from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) that George Osborn will once again miss his target for the deficit in the 2014/15 financial year.   Of course, the size of the deficit has […]

HS2 Stoke Route – Better, cheaper, faster and greener

Volterra has central role in developing the stunning business case for HS2 the Stoke Route – which was launched in Westminster on the 15th October. The Stoke Route has been developed by a partnership of top consultants commissioned by Council to make the case for an HS2 station between Birmingham and Manchester at in the […]