The Olympics, traffic in Central London and a bar in Santa Fe

We all know now about the empty roads and deserted shops, all quite contrary to the official announcements before the Games began.  No doubt Transport for London used their massively complicated, expensive models of the transport network to deduce that the system would be under massive strain. But a deceptively simple game devised in the […]

Positive Linking: the reviews are in…

Positive Linking: the reviews are in… Volterra partner Paul Ormerod’s latest book ‘Positive Linking’ – an examination of how the power of networks can revolutionise the world – hit the bookshelves last month and has received a glowing reception from both the printed and online press. Brian Appleyard’s review in the Sunday Times says “network […]

Paul in the media

Paul in the media It wasn’t just the response to his book that kept Paul in the news this month. He has recently become a regular columnist for CityAM with his ‘Against the Grain’ column that will feature in the paper every Wednesday. Read his latest article here – and keep an eye on our […]

How bad is this recession?

A number of commentators have pointed out that this is the slowest recovery from recession in more than a hundred year.  Taking output measures this is correct.  But taking employment as the main measure of recession it is not. Both the 1980s and the 1990s saw much sharper job losses, while the 1970s recession saw […]